Valtrex side effects

Common side effects of Valtrex

Valtrex is a powerful antiviral drug, designed to treat herpes infection. It converts into Aciclovir in body, and has the same mechanism of action and adverse effects as its basic drug. Most of the negative and awful side effects of Valtrex arise from individual hypersensitivity to the drug (allergy), improper use, overdose or other contraindications for the use of this medication. Therefore, the best way to avoid adverse effect of Valtrex during your therapy is to abide by the doctor's prescription and instructions, timely defining the individual contraindications to the use of it. Common side effects of Valtrex may manifest in anyone and do not usually depend on the precautions or misuse of the drug; however, these common adverse effects are much safer and better tolerable, so there is no need to worry. However, if you get allergic reactions, such as fever, or urinary tract problems, such as blood in urine or little urination, you have to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Valtrex side effects long term use

Valtrex side effects diarrhea/depression/hair loss/headache/fatigue/mood/weight gain/itching/numbness/breathing problems are common for the long term use of the medication. In this case, it is important to follow the prescription, never overdose the medication, try no to miss your dose of Valtrex, and do not switch from one generic version of Valtrex to another during the long term use. It is common to experience mood shifts (irritability, discouragement, sadness, lost of interest) and others while on long-term Valtrex therapy. Most of these side effects do not threat your health, but if you feel that something is terribly wrong, it would be wise to tell a doctor about it. Please, note that Valtrex side effects medication alcohol may become critical; drinking while on Valtrex is strongly discouraged. Today it's easy to buy Valtrex online without prescription, but improper determination of contraindications or improper use of the medication may worsen the side effects and you may get a complication of your health problems. Therefore, in case of severe side effects, you may want to reconsider use of Valtrex and try other antiviral drugs.

Side effects of Valtrex suppressive therapy

Valtrex suppressive therapy is administered in case you have a number of outbreaks of herpes infection within one year. It is useful if you suffer from herpes (cold sores) chronically, and thus the suppression of the virus in body is required. It is necessary to admit, that Valtrex is a relatively safe medication with a small percent of severe side effects manifestations. However, since suppressive therapy implies daily oral intake of Valtrex tablets, it's very important not to overdose the medication. The cumulative effect of regular overdose may result in severe damage to kidneys and urinary tract, because Aciclovir is known to have its crystals precipitate in kidneys. Therefore, in case of Valtrex suppressive therapy, a strict control over the dose and regular medical monitoring is advised.

There is an important note on Valtrex side effects during pregnancy. The medication is safe for pregnant women and fetus, and is even necessary during pregnancy (at least starting from the 34 weeks), because a herpes outbreak while giving birth may harm the baby.