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Accutane And Alcohol

Accutane and alcohol interaction

Accutane is one of the most popular medications that treat the skin problems, primarily the cystic acne. Millions of patients all over the world come to their dermatologists to ask for an Accutane prescription. The drug has a strong effect on body, and a diversity of adverse effects. However, it is not likely to get any serious side effects of Accutane, if you follow the prescription rules and precautions. In this case, the 8-month course of Accutane will result in significant improvement of skin condition, perhaps, having the constant effect. However, there is one thing not everyone can do while taking Accutane. I am talking about mixing Accutane and alcohol issue.

While there is no Accutane and alcohol interaction that we would know about, it is still not recommended to mix alcohol with this drug. Medics all over the world (primarily the dermatologists) discourage people to take alcohol during their therapy, and they say, that they would never prescribe Accutane to patients with alcohol problem. Why so, if we know that there is no interaction between Accutane and ethylene? There is a reason why, and we are going to discuss it in the next part of our article.

Accutane and alcohol side effects

Effects of Accutane and alcohol are not interacting, yet there is one common effect of both substances, making it preferable to avoid co-intake even of low dose Accutane and alcohol. As we know, Accutane is metabolized in liver, not without having an impact on its condition. Some of the side effects of the drug are known to cause serious liver damage, up to hepatitis. This explains the risk of taking 10/mg/20mg/60mg Accutane and alcohol simultaneously.

There is no significant difference how much Accutane you take with alcohol. In any case, the negative effect is cumulative, and since the therapy requires daily administration of Accutane, any drinking during this period has a strong negative impact, furthermore increasing the damage done to liver. Accutane and alcohol liver impact can be very serious, especially in those patients who abuse alcohol or overdose Accutane.

Side effects of such combination can be devastating. Hepatitis, increased liver size, and many other dangerous conditions are much more probable in patients who are subjected to Accutane and alcohol side effects combined.

Can you mix Accutane and alcohol?

Even knowing that co-administration of alcohol and Accutane is more than unwanted some patients keep asking, “Can you drink on Accutane?” Actually, you can. There is a number of cases when patients have taken alcohol while on Accutane, and escaped any significant damage to liver. One-time mixing of alcohol with Accutane can go without much problems; however, are you sure you want to take the risk?

Most likely, your dermatologist or other medical specialist will consider prescribing Accutane if you mention your drinking problem or ask too many questions about drinking on Accutane. For a reason, of course. Primary concern of any medical specialist is the general health of the patient.