Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

Generic Name: Valacyclovir
Brand Name: Valtrex

Valtrex general information

One of the most effective antiviral drugs that can be found today is Valtrex. This prodrug helps body in fighting herpes infection and slows down the growth and spread of the virus. Herpes can not be fully cured by Valtrex itself, but symptoms will decrease and there will be a considerable improvement in overcoming the infection.

Valtrex can be used both for adults and children in viral infections treatment. Among viral herpes diseases that are effectively treated with the help of Valtrex are genital herpes (cold sores), herpes zoster (shingles) and chickenpox.

Cold sores in children can be treated by Valtrex only if the children is at least 12 years old, and chickenpox is treated by Valtrex in children who are at least 2 years old.

Valtrex without prescription is available online. If you are guessing where to buy Valtrex it is recommended for you to purchase Valtrex online. Valtrex price is considerably lower that in a commodity drug stores. Cheap Valtrex online is the same as in a regular pharmacies but the only difference is in the mobility and comfort.

There may be other indications of Valtrex usage which are not mentioned in this medication guide.

Generic Valacyclovir (or Valtrex, also known as Zelitrex) is a powerful antiviral drug, whose action is based on conversion into acyclovir, and high bioavailability of it. Valtrex was first discovered in 1982, as a prodrug: its conversion into acyclovir takes place in vivo, which increases the efficiency of its action and safety of the drug. Probably, it is one of the reasons (aside from its incredible popularity) why you can make Valacyclovir buy without prescription in any online pharmacy. The antiviral Valacyclovir medication effectively fights herpes, including zoster and simplex forms, and herpes B. The drug may be used to reduce the symptoms of infectious mononucleosis. Valtrex patent has expired in 2009, so now various generic Valacyclovir medications are available: price of Valtrex in this case is much more attractive.

Medical uses of Valacyclovir no prescription

Typically, people buy Valacyclovir no prescription pharmacy in order to treat herpes simples (common oral or genital herpes), or as a prophylaxis measure. Other medical use is therapy for herpes zoster (manifesting as shingles). Patients who have recently undergone the organ transplantation may use proper Valtrex dosage to prevent the transmission of CMV (cytomegalovirus). In case of recurrent HSV infection, patients can take Valtrex to reduce the virus transmission to other people.

Less common (off-label) use of generic Valacyclovir is therapy against infectious mononucleosis and herpes B virus.

Valtrex dosage and precautions

There are various medical forms of Valacyclovir available in Valtrex Canada pharmacy and in other countries. Typical form is tablets for oral use, containing 250 mg, 500 mg or 1000 mg of active substance: Valacyclovir hydrochloride. Typical dose for oral herpes is two 1000 mg tablets twice daily, for just one day. Treatment of genital herpes requires one 1000 mg tablet twice daily for 10 days. If you need exact dosage adjusted to your individual needs, it’s wise to turn to medical specialist who can indicate the necessary therapy.

It’s important to determine your individual tolerance to the drug’s components, before you order Valacyclovir without prescription pharmacy online, and you should never overdose the medication, unless you want to face unpleasant adverse effects of Valtrex.

Adverse effects of Valtrex

Adverse reactions that manifest in patients taking Valtrex are similar to those from acyclovir: they occur in approximately 1% of the patients, and are usually associated with individual intolerance to the drug or cases of overdose of Valtrex: nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and possible headache. Less than 1% of users experience constipation, abdominal pain, renal impairment, rash, vertigo, confusion and dizziness. Most serious adverse effects (immediate medical help is required) are seizures, coma, tremor, anorexia, hepatitis, anaphylaxis and toxic epidermal necrolysis.

Where to buy Valacyclovir without prescription

It’s common to buy drugs online in contemporary world. You save money, you save time, and you get the high-quality generic medications right to your door. What is also important, you can make Valacyclovir buy no prescription, which saves even more money and time for you, plus it’s the only opportunity to get it if your doctor refuses to prescribe the medication you need. However, you should not use the medication without a consultation with a medical specialist: though the cost of Valtrex online is very attractive, making your treatment safe and effective is essential, thus we recommend avoiding self-medication unless you know what you are doing.

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