Propecia side effects

Propecia side effects

Propecia is a medication that affects the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in body. The drug inhibits the enzyme responsible for such conversion, lowering the blood and tissue levels of dihydrotestosterone, which allows avoiding many side effects of excessive DHT levels. Such, pattern hair loss, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer can be effectively prevented by the medication. It is one of the most popular solutions for off-label use against alopecia, a male pattern hair loss. Women can use it to fight excessive hair growth, particularly on face and arms.

However, like and other drugs, Finasteride takes its toll. Propecia side effects are related to hypersensitivity to the drug, unbalanced DHT / testosterone levels, liver, urinary tract and other diseases, that may interact with the treatment. Side effects Propecia Finasteride can be short-term or long-term, but all of them are temporary, unless you overdose the medication or use it improperly, against the contraindications. That is why it is important to consult medical specialist before you use Propecia for the first time. Accordingly, the drug has a prescription-only legal status in the United States. Nevertheless, many patients prefer to buy Propecia online with no prescription and deal with generic Propecia side effects on their own.

Long term side effects Propecia

Due to the governing role of testosterone / dihydrotestosterone in sexual function, most of the long term side effects Propecia are in this field. Like there is no completely safe medication, there is no “no side effects Propecia”. Common side effects Propecia include sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, abnormal ejaculation, loss of interest in sex, and other inconveniences. In the worst cases, the most negative side effects of Propecia may occur. Therefore, patients with urinary tract diseases may experience complications of such diseases. Propecia can also mask the development of prostate cancer. The drug is toxic to fetus, so the pregnant women should not take it.

Are Propecia side effects permanent?

While the percentage of side effects Propecia is relatively low, many people worry about the long-term effects of the drug. There is a small chance of side effects Propecia will last any longer than three months after the discontinuation of the drug; it’s more likely that within the first 1-2 years any adverse effects on sexual function will disappear as the body gets used to the new level of DHT. Propecia is popular also due to low risk of side effects.

There is one common question you often find on the web: “Are Propecia side effects permanent?” Of course, they are not. If you wonder, can side effects of Propecia be reversed, or not, you should not worry. Shortly after the discontinuation of the drug, patients experience the restoration of their sexual function to the normal level. Only in case of severe regular overdose of the drug, you may have to seek medical help to reverse the damage done to your body by improper use of the medication.