Zoloft side effects

Zoloft side effects in adults/dogs/men/women/children

Zoloft is a brand medication based on Sertraline active substance. This drug belongs to class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRI, which are commonly used as antidepressants. Acting by inhibiting the serotonin transport and absorption in brain, such medications normalize the levels of the hormone, stabilizing patient's mood and relieving depression or obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Over 40 million people get prescribed Zoloft every year only in the United States. The drug is also used in children, and even dogs. That's why it is important to learn about Zoloft side effects in adults/dogs/men/women/children, as they are different and not always explicit and self-explanatory. The patient may not associate the complication of his state with the Sertraline therapy, and thus lack the necessary medical attention and help.

Therapy complications may include Zoloft side effects suicidal thoughts, Zoloft side effects vision and/or Zoloft side effects itching, among others. Typically, all the SSRI class drugs are associated with decreased libido, difficulties achieving orgasm, agitation or dizziness (individually), nausea and vomiting. Side effects Zoloft diarrhea are relatively high, comparing to other SSRI. On the other hand, this drug is less addictive and has little abuse potential. It is approximately equal in effect strength with Fluoxetine and other popular medications for depression, OCD and anxiety.

Zoloft side effects first week

Treatment with Zoloft usually takes a long time, up to several years, and the effects of the drug are rarely seen before the end of the first month. However, Zoloft side effects first week may be an indication for discontinuation of the drug, particularly if the hypersensitivity is determined. Such as side effects Zoloft headache or nausea may be well tolerated by most patients, and even mild diarrhea can be overcome if the potential benefit outweighs the inconvenience.

However, when side effects Zoloft for anxiety get more serious than that, patients have to inform their doctor, which usually implies a timely consultation about the state of the patient and the further application of the medication.

After the first week on Zoloft, it's hard to say if the treatment has taken effect, and if it will be effective further on. It usually requires at least two-three weeks to determine the individual sensitivity to the antidepressant and make correct prognosis.

Zoloft side effects reviews

In general, Zoloft is rated high by 75% of the patients taking it. Nevertheless, the rest of the patients complain about side effects of Zoloft during the first week, that they are unable to tolerate, which usually makes them quit the therapy. Side effects Zoloft and alcohol are not related as a rule. As well, side effects Zoloft weight gain do not result in more than 1-2 kg gain within a year, which is insignificant. As the Zoloft side effects reviews show, you don't usually have to worry about getting adverse effects of the drug, unless you overdose it. The majority of patients tolerates their treatment well, and achieves desired result within 3-4 weeks.