Side effects of Accutane in adults

Accutane is know also due to a huge Accutane side effects list. This medication, as a retinoid, produces the same adverse effects that patients may have from hypervitaminosis A. Vitamin A is responsible for a number of processes in body, particularly the formation of bone tissue, and it also interacts with vitamin D, at least with its absorption, which causes another type of side effects of the overdose.

Side effects Accutane after stopping the intake may persist, if the complication has gotten into the chronic form. Overdosing the medication for months and years (while the usual therapy takes 8-10 months) is simple, just because it is hard to determine the correct dose for individuals, and therefore, side effects of Accutane after treatment may be a problem for a long time.

There are a lot of types of side effects of Accutane, manifesting in various parts of body and mind: Accutane side effects depression and Accutane side effects eyes, side effects Accutane diarrhea and side effects Accutane cholesterol, and many others. To name a few, it is possible to get anemia, thrombocytosis or thrombocytopenia as blood-related complications, eye irritation (dry eyes) and conjunctivitis; arthralgia, myalgia and back pain, and even arthritis or malaise.

Possible manifestation of Accutane side effects years later the therapy makes it very important to monitor the condition of the patient throughout the whole course of treatment. The medication works due to the cumulative effect of the doses, and thus every overdose or missed dose has its effect on the damage done to health. For example, side effects of Accutane for athletes may affect their performance in game or in other physical activity for a long period after the discontinuation of the drug.

One of the problems with Accutane side effects female patients may have, is its devastating action on fetus. Therefore, the medication is strictly prohibited to use by pregnant women, breast-feeding women, or those, who plan to become pregnant. It is important to wait at least one month after the Accutane therapy before trying to become pregnant; otherwise, serious birth defects are highly probable.

There is another type of side effects Accutane alcohol may induce: these are severe hangover, and hepatotoxicity. Mixing alcohol with certain drugs is not recommended, and Accutane (isotretinoin) is one of them. Both are dangerous for liver, and the cumulative effect may result in inability of the liver cells to reproduce themselves quick enough to withstand the damage. Hepatitis is just one of the problems that may arise from intake of large doses of alcohol during the Accutane therapy.

There are yes unclear complications that may occur during the acne treatment with retinoids. While Accutane side effects weight related nature may be explained by possible diabetes mellitus, induced by Accutane's effect on metabolism, Accutane side effects hair related nature are not studied well yet, and probably will be explained in the future.