Generic Accutane or brand drug? Accutane Delivery.

Accutane medication overview

Accutane, a medication based on Isotretinoin, is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, or retnoid, that regulates the death and division of the cells in body. It is primarily used to treat skin diseases, such as acne, cancer and harlequin-type ichthyosis, and is very popular among teenagers. However, in most developed countries Accutane is rather expensive and you shouldn't expect Accutane fast overnight delivery, even if you need it immediately. As a rule, Accutane is a prescription-only medication, which implies that you cannot buy Accutane over the counter, and expenses include the consultation with a doctor (which is actually rather helpful and thus recommended). This situation is due to serious side effects of the drug and its powerful effect on body, which can result in irreversible damage to health in case of improper use or overdose.

Precautions and side effects

Accutane is prohibited to take by pregnant women or those who are planning to become pregnant, because the medication has a devastating effect on fetus and infants. Most common side effects of Accutane (Tretinoin) are dry skin, fragile skin, cheilitis, dermatitis and others. The drug also has a list of psychiatric side effects, such as suicidal behavior, aggravated depression, anxiety and psychotic disorder. Nervous system may respond with a headache, drowsiness or dizziness. It's important to keep the medication away from the eyes, or the patient may get cataract, blurred vision, photophobia and other unpleasant symptoms. In general, a timely consultation with a doctor can help preventing any adverse effects of Accutane.

Generic Accutane or brand drug?

Another thing to discuss is availability of brand Accutane versus the generic Accutane express overnight delivery possibility. As you know, since Accutane is a Px-only medication, you can't get Accutane USA delivery immediately: first, you will have to visit a doctor for the prescription, then you'll have to go to the local drug store to buy the drug. The same situation is in most of the developed countries: Accutane UK next day delivery is also unlikely. The price of the prescription medication depends on whether you get the brand drug (overpriced, obviously), or generic medication (hard to find high-quality analogue). In case you live in a developed country, it's more likely that you'll be prescribed the brand drug.

Next day Accutane delivery

Next day Accutane delivery is only possible if you buy Accutane online fast delivery option checked. Online pharmacies do not require prescription as a rule, which also lets you choose whether you want to buy generic medication or original brand drug. In most cases, online pharmacy offers Accutane delivery in 24 hours or even faster. This helps you start your treatment right away, saving valuable hours and days of your life. As well, it guarantees safety and efficiency of your therapy, because only in online pharmacies you get generic and brand medications that have proved themselves effective in long-term clinical trials, as well as by popularity on the market.