Propecia cost

Propecia cost

Pattern hair loss is a condition that requires long-term therapy. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fight the alopecia (pattern hair loss), because it is related to complex hormonal imbalance, which is caused by genetic features. Propecia (Finasteride) being the most effective solution for hair loss (off-label), requires at least several years of regular intake to fight this problem effectively. Once you quit taking Propecia, the positive changes in hair growth vanish within a year, and the hair loss recurs. The only way to prevent hair loss in men and restore normal hair growth, is taking Propecia on regular basis.

However, brand Propecia cost makes it unaffordable for many citizens of the United States, as well as other developed countries, where the drugs are traditionally expensive. Propecia price depends on the place where you buy it, on the type of the drug (1, 5 or 10 mg tablets), the amount you buy, whether you buy generic or brand medication, and whether it is covered by your medical insurance. It is surprising, but not all the insurance companies include Propecia on the list. Even those, who have Viagra covered, may not include Propecia into the insurance policy. The other problem is that Propecia has the prescription-only status in the United States, and thus you should add the prescription expenses to the total.

Cost of Propecia prescription

While cost of Propecia prescription depends on whether you have it included in your medical insurance, it also depends on your doctor. It is recommended to consult your doctor before you buy or use Propecia, though it is not necessary in most cases. You can avoid the prescription expenses, if you order Propecia online with no prescription, which is possible with a number of only pharmacies. You can also buy generic medication there, significantly reducing your expenses, because Propecia cost per month can be burdening even for the middle-class families and individuals.

The amount of money you need to take the course of Propecia is highly dependent on whether you have it covered by the medical insurance. Thus, Propecia cost with insurance can be three-four times cheaper for you, than Propecia cost without insurance, if you decide to buy it in local drug store or at Walgreen’s. Nevertheless, it is possible to save your money, by getting the best price Propecia.

Best price Propecia

Propecia cost in Canada/India varies a lot, and has a significant difference, depending on the country. You will not find cheap Propecia in the United States or Canada, but in India or Australia, you may get generic medication at a very attractive price. 1mg Propecia cost may vary from 0.60 USD to over 2 USD, depending on the amount and the place you buy it from. Typically, the online pharmacies offer the best price Propecia, and do not require a prescription to buy it. There is no doubt that buying Propecia online is the most convenient and affordable way to get a large supply of the medication for you long-term therapy. Thus, do not waste your money paying for brand medication or prescription — save wisely, because you know how to get Propecia cheap.