Generic Propecia

Propecia generic medication overview

Propecia is a powerful medication designed to treat benign prostate hyperplasia (DHT), or simply prostate enlargement. While, without any doubt, being essential for the serious disease, the medication has earned its popularity due to the off-label use of Propecia. The medication is able to treat pattern hair loss, which is a very spread problem in males and females all over the world. Normalizing the levels of dihydrotestosterone hormone, Propecia prevents hair loss, enhances hair growth and thickness of hair. Over ten million people regularly use Propecia, and they rate the medication very high, referring to it as to a safe and effective solution for hair loss.

Being so popular worldwide has had its impact on the price of Propecia. Unfortunately, the brand medication is extremely expensive, which, along with the large amount of the drug, required for the long-term therapy, has made it unaffordable for certain social groups, families and individuals. The price of brand Propecia course exceeds several thousand dollars, which is often too much to consider such therapy, despite the negative consequences.

However, there is a solution, the generic drug. Propecia generic name is Finasteride, and it becomes more and more popular, as an affordable replacement for overpriced brand drug, bearing the same efficiency and safety. Propecia generic cost makes it one of the most attractive solutions for pattern hair loss and other problems having the similar cause.

Brand Propecia vs generic Propecia

There is a reasonable question: why is the generic medication so much cheaper than brand Propecia (or Proscar)? As well, people wonder, if it is possible to buy Propecia generic over the counter, because the prescription is often very hard and expensive to get. Well, let me make it clear: there is absolutely no difference between generic and brand Propecia in terms of compound, effect or quality. The brand name is what makes the drug so expensive. Putting resources in marketing and advertising, the original drug manufacturer feels that it has a right to overprice the medication, especially if it has developed the drug.

However, as soon as the patent protection period is over, other pharmaceutical companies receive the right to reproduce the medication, particularly because the technology is public. They don’t need to overprice the drug to get back their funds, wasted on marketing and lobby. That is why generic Propecia (Finasteride) is much cheaper. At the same time, there is no difference between Propecia generic vs name brand, so you don’t have to worry about any special Propecia generic Finasteride side effects. You can simply buy generic Propecia over the counter (without prescription) in a reliable online pharmacy.

Propecia generic reviews

There is a number of reviews for both brand and generic Propecia on the web, because the medication is quite popular. It is obvious that the best generic Propecia (Finasteride) has absolutely the same rating as the brand medication, because it has the identical formulation and effect. You can find any number of Propecia generic reviews at, if you are interested. You can also find a place to buy cheap generic Propecia on this website, if you need it.