Does Propecia changes you?

Does Propecia changes you?

Patients who get prescribed (or advised) Propecia for the first time often worry about the hormonal shift it may cause. Indeed, hormone therapy is known to change people severely, resulting in unexpected hair growth, mood swings, voice and body changes, and even personality change. Many people ask, “Does Propecia changes you?”, and they wonder, if the medication has the same effect as hormone therapy with some other drugs.

According to hundreds of Propecia reviews, and medical information, gathered throughout the years of successful use of Finasteride (Propecia generic name), the medication has a limited effect on hormonal condition of its patient. As we know, Propecia, or Finasteride, is a 5a-reductaze enzyme inhibitor, which mechanism of action is based on prevention of conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The said hormone (DHT) is responsible for hair growth, genitalia development during the early period of life, and few other conditions. It’s not the main and not the most important androgenic hormone. Thus, it is impossible to get a Propecia gender change, for sure.

Similarly, you should not expect any Propecia voice changes, Propecia facial changes or other sexual changes, when you take the medication, even if you take the long-term course of the drug. Propecia changes face only by increasing (normalizing) hair growth in men, or decreasing facial hair growth in women. It is absolutely save to take Propecia if you have a prescription. At worst, you may experience some sexual function related adverse effects, such as insignificant decrease in libido, temporary erectile dysfunction, or else. Such side effects of Propecia are very individual, and usually disappear as the body adapts to hormone level shit, within 1-2 years.

Can Propecia change your personality?

It is common for hormonal medications to have side effects related to mood shifts, irritation, depression and other personality issues. Can Propecia change your personality? Probably not. Propecia change hair texture, but not the way you are; Propecia personality change is a myth. Affecting the DHT levels, the drug does not cause any psychical changes on its own, though it’s possible to have some problems because of the sexual function related side effects of the drug. Propecia mood change, however, is not on the list. Propecia label change does not affect the possibility of Propecia personality change: whether you buy brand Propecia or generic Finasteride, outcome is the same.

“Propecia changed my life”

People, who say that Propecia changed their lives, mean the Propecia hair growth change. If you wonder, “Does Propecia change the texture of your hair?”, the answer is “No”. The drug prevents hair loss, but in no way it changes the pattern of your hair growth. Propecia hair color change does not occur either; all that the medication can do is stop the hair loss related to excessive levels of DHT hormone, and restore the normal growth of your hair, just the way it was before. It may change your life, but the changes are cosmetic.