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Side effects of Accutane

Side effects of Accutane in adults

Accutane is a powerful medication that normalizes the skin condition in patients with cystic acne. The drug is based on vitamin A, allowing normalizing cellular division and treating such problems as cystic acne, harlequin-type ichthyosis, and many other dangerous health conditions. Like for any powerful medication, Accutane side effects list is wide. There are Accutane side effects eyes, Accutane side effects hair and even Accutane side effects depression and weight. The therapy requires care and precise dosage, so the medication is sold by prescription.

The most common side effects of Accutane in adults include gram-positive bacterial infection, allergies (hypersensitivity), diabetes, and headache, problems with hearing, temporary worsening of acne, problems with liver and kidneys, and others. Side effects Accutane diarrhea is inconvenient and, unfortunately, common problem. The drug also affects cholesterol levels: side effects Accutane cholesterol impact is under investigation now. Though there are no side effects Accutane alcohol interaction, medics do not recommend drinking while on Accutane: both the medication and alcohol damage liver, and the effect may be cumulative. Side effects of Accutane for athletes are rumored to result in joint pain and loss of stamina, though that is controversial.

Psychic side effects of Accutane include depression, anxiety, mood swings, and aggression. It often leads to Accutane side effects weight gain, because of unstable mood and depression. Not all of those complications are likely to manifest in one patient, though there are very common side effects (> 10%): anemia, thrombocytosis, dry eyes (irritation), cheilitis, rash, back pain and myalgia.

Accutane side effects female

Accutane is known to have devastating effect on fetus development, primarily because of its mechanism of action and active component — vitamin A-like substance. There is a warning issued by FDA, marking Accutane as pregnancy category X. Actually, it is forbidden to prescribe the medication to any woman that is pregnant or may become pregnant during the course or within less than one month after the last intake of Accutane.

Vitamin A toxicity at higher doses results in severe birth defects, miscarriage, premature delivery, and even death. It is very unsafe to take Accutane without sexual abstinence or reliable contraception. Accutane side effects female are especially dangerous and merciless.

Accutane side effects years later

Some side effects of Accutane after stopping the drug do not disappear. For example, there are reported cases of long bone growth problem in teenagers. In addition, side effects of Accutane after treatment may manifest as constantly dry, irritated eyes (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). Therefore, you should not rely on discontinuation of Accutane as a solution for any problems you may have during treatment. Do not ever overdose the medication, follow the precautions carefully, and you will not get any serious side effects. If you have any abnormal conditions during the Accutane course, seek medical attention immediately.