Valtrex shingles

Valtrex shingles effectiveness

Valtrex was designed for treatment of herpes zoster (shingles), and at the moment it is one of the most effective medications on market for that purpose. As usually, the effectiveness of the medication before all depends on the individual health conditions of the patient, timeliness of the therapy start, adequate use of the medication and few other conditions, not related to the mechanism of action of Valtrex itself. It is best to use Valtrex shingles prevention method to avoid any manifestation of the infection (because the herpes virus lives in every human who has had chickenpox in the childhood). However, if you are hypersensitive to the medication, or it doesn't affect you as planned, you may need to switch to another treatment method. Despite its efficacy, Valtrex shingles treatment side effects are usually mild, if any. Less than 10% patients report having headache, nausea, abdominal pain and other unpleasant complications. If you're using the correct Valtrex shingles dose for your treatment, it's unlikely that you will ever experience any adverse effects of your treatment. Therefore, we recommend you to consult your doctor about the proper use and dosage adjustment, and never try to self-medicate.

Valtrex shingles prophylaxis

Valtrex shingles prophylaxis is recommended for those who have recurrent cases of herpes zoster infection within a year. This can mean that your immune system is ineffective in fighting the infection on its own, and you have to shield your health with a supportive therapy. However, you have to understand that independently of the dose of Valtrex for shingles you're using, or any other conditions of your therapy, Valtrex shingles contagious risks remain the same. It means that Valtrex is only affecting the virus within your body, and you can spread it to other people, when it's in active phase or in full strength. You should never overdose Valtrex trying to prevent the infection to spread; it will most likely lead to Valtrex shingles side effects, and no improvement in your state. Shingles prophylaxis requires a significant amount of Valtrex since it may take a year or even longer for the therapy to achieve its goal. Therefore, you might be interested in reducing the cost of such treatment. In this case, we recommend you to consult your doctor to adjust the dose and determine contraindications, and then buy generic Valtrex without prescription online. It is definitely the safest and the most affordable way to forget about shingles once and for all.

Valtrex shingles treatment

Usual Valtrex shingles treatment duration and dosage is close to 800 mg of the active substance (Valaciclovir) every four hours while awake, up to 10 days. For a precise determination of the dosage you need, you have to attend a doctor, who can run tests, look into your medical history and configure your therapy to the most effective state. Valtrex shingles treatment does not harm pregnant patients or their fetus: Valtrex shingles breastfeeding is safe. Furthermore, Valtrex shingles pregnancy therapy is highly recommended in case the pregnant patient is preparing to give birth vaginally, and suspects a possibility of shingles manifestation during birth. In this case, suppressive therapy is required; otherwise the medical staff may have to do Caesarian section to protect the fetus from infection.