Accutane alternatives

Accutane alternative treatment

Accutane has been the first-line medication for treatment of acne and several other diseases. However, it contains aggressive substance Isotretinoin, which can damage the skin cells, and other cells in body, and is rather dangerous if medication has been taken improperly. Many patients were looking to buy Accutane without prescription, thus ignoring the basic recommendation to consult the doctor before they start using the unsafe drug. In general, the medication has had too many dangerous side effects.

In 2009, the pharmaceutic company that has produced the drug before has discontinued the production of the medication under that brand name. People were forced to look for Accutane alternatives for acne treatment; many have preferred natural Accutane alternatives, not containing Isotretinoin itself, but other retinoid drugs, and thus safer than the original one. The largest part of the patients, however, has turned to generic Accutane analogues, that additionally offer more affordable prices on the medication with the same compound and effect.

Alternative to Accutane acne treatment

Though Isotretinoin is relatively dangerous, and requires special attention during the acne treatment, it is superior to many other medications when it comes to treatment of severe or cystic acne. Therefore, many patients prefer buying generic Accutane drugs, containing the active substance. It requires careful use; consultation with a doctor, determination of contraindications and control of side effects are necessary. Nevertheless, Accutane generics can be as effective as the brand drug itself, being cheaper and more available. If you have decided to look for a generic Accutane (whilst the original brand drug is no longer available due to suspension of the production by the patent-owning pharmaceutical company), it's best to look for the drug in online pharmacies. These websites sell drugs without prescription, guarantee the quality of the brand and generic medications that they provide, offer next day delivery and many other benefits compared to regular drug stores or Walgreen's.

Accutane alternative names

Different drugs can replace Accutane in your acne treatment. For example, a plenty of them are discussed on Reddit. Accutane alternatives at Reddit list PocketDerm, Tazorac and Differin. Some of the patients who have tried PocketDerm instead of Accutane (which is no longer produced), say that they have had much better outcome, implying that the side effects of PocketDerm are much better tolerated and less rare than those of the original medication. Though people complain that Accutane alternative for oily skin is not as effective, at least they get less adverse effects from their therapy, which is often very important; for example, people with hypersensitivity to Accutane can make use of those substitutes. It may be that the Accutane alternatives for men differ from those for women, but it's off this article's topic. It's best to consult your doctor to pick an alternative to Accutane for safe and effective acne treatment.