Lexapro reviews

Consumer reviews on Escitalopram Lexapro

Whatever the official websites or resources like Drugs.com may tell us about the medication, we tend to believe our fellow companions more. Thus, consumer reviews on Escitalopram Lexapro is, perhaps, the most unbiased, objective and reliable source of information (or, at least, statistics). Of course, the selection of reviews should be as representative as possible, not to misguide us. As you definitely understand, under no circumstances and by no means the patient reviews should replace or substitute a professional medic recommendations or prescription.

However, it’s always interesting to see, what do people say in Lexapro reviews side effects, Lexapro reviews for anxiety and depression or panic attacks, and other cases that may be relevant to our own experience. Thus, we shall overview the user reviews on Lexapro in this small comprehensive guide, and see, if the medication has a good rating or is passionately loathed by the patients, who have taken it for various periods of time and under different conditions.

Positive vs bad reviews Lexapro

There is a plenty of user reviews on Lexapro on the web, but we were paying attention only to the reliable ones, of course, those that have described the problems or positive sides of the therapy in detail. If you’re interested in positive vs bad reviews Lexapro statistics, we should immediately mention it’s nice rating: Lexapro got over 7.5 points out of 10 possible, based on more than 400 user reviews on Drugs.com and other popular websites. It’s really a lot, especially for an antidepressant, which belongs to a special class of drugs. Commonly, patients praise Lexapro for its efficiency, bringing them back to normal or even happier than usually, and having none to a few adverse effects.

However, many patients rate it very low (1-3 points) for not being effective in their case, or losing its effect after a few years of therapy. It’s certain that such reviews are based on personal experience, which implies individual insensitivity (hypersensitivity) to the drug, and does not determine your own results from taking Lexapro. Few Lexapro reviews on weight loss/gain complain about that side effect, but medical studies have clearly shown that the medication has no relation to weigh loss or gain, at least, the correlation is similar to that of a placebo. Thus, you should have careful, mindful approach to such reviews.

Generic Lexapro reviews

Patients are interested if generic Lexapro reviews have any difference compared to brand medication feedback. Well, according to most patients, including the Lexapro reviews by women/doctors, and Lexapro reviews for OCD/social anxiety/depression/perimenopause, brand Lexapro has no advantage in treatment of depression or anxiety. It’s not surprising due to the identical compound and production technology of the generic and brand versions of Lexapro. Therefore, you may choose between generic Escitalopram and brand Lexapro depending on your budget and preferences, knowing that the rating of the medication doesn’t really depend on which company produces it.